About Me



Date of Birth: 1989

Height: 6’0 – 1.83m

Weight: 180 lbs


I’m a tennis athlete, personal trainer and kinesiologist in the Province of Quebec.

In 2015, I graduated from a bachelor degree in science of movements, aka kinesiology. Because I was so motivated to become a teacher in my field, I decided to make a specialized certificate in education for people who want to become teachers in college or university.

But it wasn’t enough for my ambitious mind, so I decided to apply for a master degree in human kinetic for the next semester, and I got accepted!

Beside a bachelor, a certificate and a master degree, I had the privilege to play tennis, from provincial to international tournament. Not only it made me want to stay healthy every single day, tennis also gave me the desire to become a better person in every aspect of my life.

Today, my goal is to share with you my passion for physical activity but also my scientific knowledge in this field, so you can prevent injuries and reach your full potential as a person.

Be the best you can be today, because tomorrow is already waiting for you.

Bird Smith Chittaphone

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