What is kinesiology?

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Many of you still wonder what is a kinesiologist? Or even, you still have a hard time pronouncing it.

Yet, kinesiology appeared in the early 20th century in the United States where it was used to analyze the exact movement of each muscle of the human body in isolation, and how they move the joints.

The etymology of the word kinesiology comes from the ancient Greek kinesis “movement” and ology, “science.” Kinesiology is the science of movement.

In Quebec

First, to be considered kinesiologist, you must have completed at least a bachelor degree in science of human movement. Thereafter, you may decide to specialize at the “Post graduate Degree” (DESS), masters or doctorate.

Currently, kinesiologists do not have a professional order in Quebec, but there is the Federation of Quebec kinesiologists (FKQ) comprised of nearly 5,000 accredited kinesiologists. They can issue receipts for reimbursement of their services. So please check with your insurance company whether the kinesiology expenses are reimbursed.

But rest assured dear public, FKQ filed in 2013 a request to establish a professional order to the Office of professions du Québec so that kinesiology can become a health profession. If the request is accepted, it will have a significant impact on the health system in Quebec, knowing that a healthy lifestyle requires above all the practice of physical activity (safe and suitable, of course), and not by medication and pills!

His role

“The kinesiologist is the health care professional, a specialist in physical activity, which uses movement for the purpose of prevention, treatment and performance.”

The role of the kinesiologist is to establish the optimal conditions to improve your fitness. Whether to help with activities of daily life with more vigor, to help you regain your fitness safely after injuring or disabling condition , or to prepare to run a marathon, the kinesiologist is the medical professional for you!

Where can you find a kinesiologist near you?

Right now, kinesiologist it can be found in: – Sports and health centers;- Private offices;- Medical and paramedical private clinics;- Leisure services;- Rehabilitation centers;- Universities and colleges;- Public health settings such as hospitals and CSSS.

In addition, the kinesiologist recently been integrated into family medicine groups where he is working with doctors and many other health care professionals

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