Beetroot: natural booster for your stamina!


Have you ever heard of BEETROOT?

Beetroot is a vegetable that was first cultivated by the Romans. But don’t worry, today you can find this vegetable at your nearest grocery store.

Not only it taste delicious but beetroot is packed with powerful antioxidants, is full of vitamins and minerals and is low in fat.

It is also rich in nitrate which has beneficial effects on athletic performance by reducing the oxygen cost during continuous effort. How? Well nitrate (who end up being converted in nitric oxide in your blood) help your blood vessels to relax and to vasodilate (widening). In addition, it can help you to prevent from inappropriate blood clotting.

According to a study, people who were ingesting 500 ml of beetroot juice during 6 days increased their endurance capacity by 20% versus the placebo group.

So if you are looking for a natural way to boost your endurance level by 20% or simply a new idea for a delicious and healthy smoothie, beetroot is for you!

Enjoy your beautiful day!

Bird Smith C.


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