Swimming pool for injuries?


Summer is here and we all want to look in good shape. But what if you are coming back from an injury? What is the best way to recover faster so you can train the way you used to do?

Many studies showed that an appropriate workout in a swimming pool can be beneficial for you. But be careful, you have to understand the biomechanics of your body before you can jump in the water. Let me list you some of the advantages of a water resistant workout:

  • Water facilitates blood circulation in the tissues (greater vascularization);
  • There is NO impact or choc at the joints (great for older or overweight people);
  • The gravitational force is canceled by the buoyant force;
  • Muscle contractions are predominantly concentric type rather eccentric (which is more at risk of injury);
  • Allows you to work on your cardiovascular condition.

Because of these advantages, swimming pool becomes the best and affordable option for you to recover from your injury faster. Just make sure to contact your kinesiologist before starting your program.

Take care!

Bird Smith C.


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Photo credit: http://www.details.com/body-health/exercise/201302/underwater-exercise-cardio-strength

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