Testimonial from Vincent W. – Law enforcement officer


Hey! This is just a quick ‘’shout-out’’ in which I would like to thank you, Smith, for the support and advice you provided me during the last year I spent trying to re-build myself after my shoulder injury.  I’ve been working in the field of law enforcement for a couple of years now, and I’ve always known about the relation between fitness, a good diet and its direct impact on the job performance. However, lately, I’ve been cutting off on training due to long hours at work and an old shoulder pain that came back… I had just lost motivation in following the strict workout regimen I used to have from the time I was at the Academy until lately. You helped me to get back on track by teaching me new methods of training around my difficult schedule and a scientific approach to fitness that took posture alignment and structural integrity into consideration in order to prevent injuries. Honestly, I feel like a stronger version of myself now and most importantly, I have the confidence it takes to face the multiple physical stress that this line of work puts me through! Fit for duty!

Thanks again, Smith!

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