First, we want to thank you all for supporting We had almost 3000 VISITORS within our first 8 MONTHS!

In a continuation for growth, we decided to rebuild our website to be able to receive more readers and more bloggers. Take a look at our new 2016 website design made with more colors, more dynamism, more graphics and more of everything for a better visitor experience!

This year, we approached Roxana Mendoza, a multimedia girl, who collaborates already with Mexican clients and Argentinian radio show. She will provide us short videos in Spanish explaining the properties and benefits of particular foods in our daily life.

Also, we are welcoming Yasmine Yockell, an energetic positive girl, avid reader of books and magazines. She will be sharing her thoughts in French on motivation, inspiration, self-esteem and well-being in general.

Count on us that all information provided by will be under the supervision of: Bird Smith Chittaphone.
Baccalauréat, B.Sc. Kinésiologie 2015
Att. d’études, Pédagogie de l’enseignement supérieur 2016
Maîtrise, M.Sc., Kinésiologie et sciences de l’exercice 2017

Bird Smith will also continue to share his scientific researches with us on different topics related to kinesiology.

In English, French or Spanish, is here to stay and to give free health-wellness tips! I will continue to make sure that this is just the beginning of a long ride!

The Kinetips Team


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