Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time!


Managing your time is so 2015! In 2016, the way to do it, it’s to manage your energy!

You will be exhausted and dissatisfied with the little quality time left after managing your time! You are not focusing on what’s necessary to be happy.

To manage your energy is for example to sleep well, make time to exercise and to eat healthy meals. I have this picture in my mind  of a worker, a TIME MANAGING pro, grabbing a bite to eat while running to his desk haha! You will be way more efficient at your job if you are ready physically, mentally and emotionally. This will increase your concentration, motivation and will lower your medical costs in the long run! To feel recharge will transform your life!

Tips: Set an earlier bedtime and give up drinking alcohol before bedtime! Wake up earlier, exercise and take breakfast with family or friends before going to work. Leave your desk for lunch and go for a walk outside. When you arrive at home in the evening, connect with wife, children or friends.

Proven studies show that employees who manage their energy perform better than the ones who only manage their time. When you can manage your emotions, you can make better decisions! How can you be effective in your tasks if  you are irritable and impatient, or anxious and insecure. So be a good spirit person! Breath positivism!

To learn more about the Energy of Meaning and Purpose. You can read the full research of the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW by Tony Schwartz & Catherine McCarthy at


This was Vick for Kinetips Team!



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