Abel Colin, 2017 new member of the Kinetips team!


Hi all,

I’m Abel and I will start to blog with my friends of the Kinetips Team.

Since I can remember, I was always motivated by accomplishing great things in life. I want to share and post words of wisdom that helped me to keep my head up during tough time. I want to share how I did to keep my good spirit about this amazing life.

They say it’s all in the head but it’s also in the body! First, I like to eat good healthy food! So, I will share pictures of my meals sometime. Don’t hesitate to do the same, so we can exchange some healthy recipes!

As a kid, i liked to run, to do bicycle and I also played basketball for my high school team. Now in the working world, it still doesn’t stop me from taking the time to do my almost daily jogging or gym training. I like to find exercises videos on the internet just to keep my training creative and that too, I will share with you all! I always feel so refresh after a good sweat!

In conclusion, I will SHARE POSITIVE videos, pictures and words! It’s a new year with new goals and challenges!

Remember, you are the most important person in your life. Take care of yourself!

God bless you all,

Abel Colin

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